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Pro Care Wash

About Us

About Us


At Pro Care Wash we offer the highest quality pressure washing services, utilizing our Soft Wash System, for your homes protection. We are your go to pressure washing company proudly Serving Upstate SC. Our services are performed by friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. 

We are currently updating the site so that our customers have more details on what we offer, our process,online booking and much more. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions until the site is complete but we wanted to keep the site up so we can service our clients until complete. Thank you for your patience!

Customer Service Guarantee


At Pro Care Wash we don’t use the word “guaranteed”, we don’t feel it’s necessary. We say this because Customer Service and Satisfaction is a must, not something we should have to guarantee. This comes from the old tradition of business where a good job, big smile and courteous service was everywhere and in any reputable company, yet unfortunately so many companies have shifted away from this. Any company that doesn’t greet you, thank you or make sure that your job is of the upmost importance shouldn’t be in business! 

Above The Rest


Pressure Washing should not be looked as an extra add on to a business (painters, landscapers, handyman services etc).  My professional advice to any homeowner or business owner would be to not let price be your only consideration for hiring someone to clean your property. Request to see the equipment, proof of insurance and proper licensing before hiring someone to pressure wash. Ask lots of questions regarding the cleaning process. This will separate a lot of businesses by itself.